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This diverse collection of art showcases the exceptional talent of female artists, highlighting the captivating works of Olea Nova, Sanna Vakkilainen, and Cheryl Gross. Olea Nova, a Russian-born visual artist and composer, delves into the realm of non-objective forms, creating thought-provoking pieces that emphasize human perception through a harmonious fusion of lines, sounds, and colors. Sanna Vakkilainen, hailing from Finland, masterfully crafts large-scale oil paintings that dance between abstraction and representation, drawing viewers in with vibrant bursts of color and captivating geometric patterns. Lastly, Cheryl Gross's "BoxingBabes & Cowgirls" series challenges traditional gender roles and celebrates the resilience of women in male-dominated professions. Through blending abstraction and realism, she invites viewers to immerse themselves in a visual narrative that resonates with the contrast between the subject matter and the artistic styles. Together, these three artists offer a powerful and dynamic exploration of the female artistic experience, engaging audiences with their unique perspectives and creative prowess.