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Cheryl Gross

BoxingBabe 16

BoxingBabe 16

In my series, BoxingBabes & Cowgirls I address the narrow portrayal of gender definition and duplication that TV provides by depicting our dreams and fantasies. Whatever the situation may be, it can still be contained in a television set. We dream, we record, we escape from life, only to be drawn back to the reality of life. It is neither good or bad, it is how we perceive and chronicle our stories.  BoxingBabes & Cowgirls is a combined overview of female marginalization in definitively masculine professions and shows strength and tenacity of women who’ve achieved prominence in these vocations. In my process of blending abstraction and realism, traditionally diametrically opposed artistic styles, I engage the viewer in a visual narrative that is easy to negotiate and resonate with a subject matter that vibrates with the same opposition.  

"Imagination is the only weapon in the war with reality." ~ Lewis Carroll

30 inches x 22 inches

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30 inches x 22 inches
Not Framed
acrylic, watercolor, gauche, archival ballpoint, India ink, color pencil, graphite on paper
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