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Seanna Noonan

Shore From Above

Shore From Above

48" x 48"
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The painting captures the essence of an abstract landscape, offering a breathtaking view from high above, as if perched on the edge of a celestial realm. From this vantage point, one gazes down into a paradise-like coastline that stretches endlessly beneath. The scene is a symphony of vibrant hues, where the water gently caress the sandy shores, and verdant foliage sits in harmony with the ocean The coastline beckons the observer, evoking a profound sense of longing and desire. Yet, despite the proximity of this ethereal panorama, there remains an intangible distance, an unreachable realm that eludes our grasp. A profound yearning for the tantalizing beauty just out of reach, forever beyond ones touch.
Not Framed
Acrylic on canvas
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